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As a DailyWorth reader, you probably already know how much we love Mint. We write about it a lot because, frankly, it’s the best money-management tool we’ve ever used. Nothing is as simple, fast, or clear as Mint—from signing up to using it to make smart money choices every day.

That’s why Mint is our trusted partner and our go-to resource for managing our money. It’s also why we recommend that you sign up with Mint now, no matter where you stand when it comes to money.

Whether you’re a meticulous budgeter or just starting to take charge of your finances, Mint will help you become better at managing your money.

Joining is free, and you can get started in just a few minutes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up and link as many accounts as you want. Link your checking and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgage, car loan, student loans, investment accounts, and more. Mint uses bank-level security and encryption to keep all your info safe.

  2. Get a clear picture of where your money goes each month. Once you’ve linked your accounts, Mint categorizes your spending so you can get a handle on what (and where) you spend.

  3. Create a budget that works for you. Tell Mint about your bills, and Mint then tells you how much money you have left over each month and how you can save in different categories.

Plus, Mint’s got your back to make money-management a snap:

  • Never miss a payment again. Sign up to get email or text alerts from Mint so you know when your bills are due.

  • Set up and achieve money goals. Want to pay off debt? Build an emergency fund? Save for a wedding, new house, or even a vacation? Mint’s “Goals” feature helps you get there. Track your progress and learn how to boost it.

  • Track your cash anywhere. Download Mint’s mobile app for iPhone or Android to stay up-to-date on-the-go.

You read DailyWorth for inspiration and practical advice—and there’s no better way to put all of it into action than by joining Mint. It’s the smartest money move you can make for your financial future.

After all, the first step in taking charge of your money is to understand where it all goes. From there? Well, it’s not all gravy all the time—but it all becomes so much easier. Take it from us.

Sign up with Mint now.


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