A Penny Saved Comments

  • By Claire Poole
  • April 30, 2009

Expecting a refund check from the IRS? Most Americans do, and the average refund is over $2,000. Don't use it toward paying bills, buying a new wardrobe or a down payment for a new car or a house. Start an emergency fund. Financial planners think that you should keep three to six months worth of cash in a reserve account for life's little emergencies - losing your job, a water main breaks in your front yard, you have to fly out-of-state to a funeral. It will keep you from relying on your credit cards to bail you out — and having to pay the piper later. Save a Penny Not sure where to stash the cash until you need it? A financial planner might suggest a high yield bank account or a money market fund. Learn the ABCs of basic savings accounts and other "instruments" here: Start your day right! Get DailyWorth every morning by email by signing up on our homepage.  

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