Shut Up About my $200 Haircut Comments

  • By Cynthia Ramnarace
  • August 07, 2013

I pay $200 for someone to cut my hair. There, I said it. 

Before you make a beeline for the comment field to tell me why this is a huge waste of money, let me explain why I feel it is money well-spent. First, looking good makes me feel more confident. Yes, yes, of course, I should get my confidence from my intelligence and skills. But that’s not the first thing most people experience when they meet me. I’m selling my acumen, sure, but I’m also selling a first impression. 

Study after study shows that better-looking people are more successful in business. When my hair is tamed, I’m much more likely to introduce myself to a stranger at that business mixer or, even, make that cold call. Even though someone can’t see me as I’m on the phone, if I’m dressed well, hair and makeup done, I present myself better. So my $200 haircut is actually an investment in my earning power.

But you’re likely thinking, Why does it have to be so expensive? For most people, especially those of the shiny, straight locks, it probably doesn’t need to be, honestly. But my hair has special needs. It’s bolt-straight in the front and a mishmash of frizz and curl in the back. Imagine ‘70s Cher mixed with Carrot Top, change the color to blonde, and you have a pretty good image of the tapestry of my head. And it’s thick. I’ve been told more than once that I have enough hair for two people. 

These two facts boil down to two realities.

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