Does Music Make You Spend More? Comments

  • By Anna Akbari
  • August 21, 2013

does music make you spend more?

Next time you’re bopping your head to the beat at your favorite boutique or humming along to the songs at Starbucks, consider this: The music you’re listening to may directly influence how much money you spend there.

In fact, the soundtrack you’re shopping to was specifically selected not just to set the mood but to create the perfect conditions for spending money. Retailers know that selling their products is largely about selling an emotion, and music has a subconsciously seductive, nostalgia-inspired pull on both our heart and pocketbook strings.

It’s not about appealing to your personal taste; it’s about creating an immersive experience that encourages you to get lost in your role as consumer. Many stores go so far as to hire “audio architects” to design a custom soundscape to alter customers’ mood in a way that encourages them to purchase whatever the store is selling—whether it be a cup of coffee or a cashmere cardigan.

So how can you resist? Pay close attention to these 5 things next time you walk into a store. (You may still succumb to spending, but at least you’ll do it consciously.)


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