How I Started Shopping Smarter Comments

  • By Emma Johnson
  • November 13, 2013

smart shopping

A recent shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret not only revived my lingerie drawer, but also turned around my shopping habits. See, shopping is one of my least favorite activities: I can’t stand to maneuver through crowds of people. I feel overwhelmed by the unending choices. Pushy sales people get on my nerves. I decided that while I still need to shop, I need to learn how to do it smart. That means being efficient with my time and money, and making sure I get the best value out of both in my quest to look cute.

I was not a very efficient shopper. My usual M.O. was to walk into a shop, head straight for the sales rack and peruse until I found something cute and roughly in my size. The rest of the time, my wardrobe is overrun by T-shirts with holes, scuffed-up shoes and a black-and-white houndstooth coat, which was fabulous — before I wore it every single winter day for six years straight.
Clearly, this was not efficient. About once every month or two, I would find myself faced with a lunch meeting, media appearance or special date and go into a panic attack because my crowded closet is void of the appropriate attire. A loathed half-day shopping would be spent finding just the right blouse or pumps. Time is money — especially when you’re self-employed like me — and all this hateful shopping cost me big bucks.
My bra shopping excursion taught me how valuable smart shopping is — why you must take stock of what you need, ask for expert advice and pay for quality goods. Further: Consider the cost-per-wear over a “good deal,” says Thea Wood, an Austin, Texas-based stylist, image consultant and style editor who I asked for further shopping tips. “It’s not a good deal if you don’t wear it,” she says.
Here are three reasons to shop smart using these strategies. 

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