13 Shopping Strategies for End-of-Year Sales Comments

end of season sales

Take it from me, a black-belt shopper: There’s an art to shopping — and sale shopping requires extra finesse. Scoring big at sale time means something different to every woman. For some, it might mean that you can finally scoop up that one incredible piece you’ve been eyeing all season at a price that fits your budget. For others, sales are the perfect time to round out your wardrobe with well-priced basics. 

Here are 13 ways to shop end-of-year sales like a pro. 

1. Set your budget first. Know what you can comfortably spend before you hit the stores to avoid that sinking feeling of buyer’s remorse. When you’re shopping for holiday gifts, it’s easy to adopt the “three for them, one for me” method. If this sounds like you, only bring one credit or debit card to ensure you won’t go wild in the heat of the moment. You’ll be rewarded with guilt-free shopping.

2. Befriend a salesperson. This requires a commitment prior to sale time, but shopping with one salesperson is highly advantageous during end-of-year sales. Your loyalty can be rewarded with insider information, such as when holiday sales are starting, how much the discount will be, what merchandise is likely to sell out quickly and when second and third markdowns are scheduled. 

3. Know what you need. End-of-season sale time is a fabulous opportunity to find great basics. While everyone else is searching for the trendy bag or dress, scoring some key, classic pieces for your wardrobe at the end of the year can be well worth the wait. If you find a great deal, you might even consider buying multiples. Lingerie sales are ideal for this. Finding great-fitting bras and panties that work well under your clothing is no small task, so buying two or three at a time, maybe in various colors, makes sense.

That said, just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. It’s easy to convince yourself that because it’s a great price, you must need it. But a deal is no longer a deal when it’s not really something you truly need or want.

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