What I've Learned as a Part-Time Single Parent Comments

  • By Stephanie Freedman
  • December 06, 2013

mother and daughter bonding

It’s Saturday night, and I’m looking at the spattering of rice on the floor after a dinner of Indian takeout. I just finished Skyping with my husband Brian, who regaled me with tales of his first night in Thailand, and now I’m thinking of the best way to clean up this mess and coerce our daughter to take a bath.

Brian’s travel ramped up about four years ago. As a food, wine and travel writer and food and wine consultant, he’s experienced more in this short time than most do over the course of their lives: riding elephants in a vineyard in Thailand, crushing grapes for port in northern Portugal, dancing the waltz at a palace in Austria, conducting wine tastings for pre-Emmy festivities in Los Angeles.  

It was more difficult when it was just the two of us. While I loved our life at home and my own career as a Pilates instructor and studio owner, heading to work as he was sitting down to a 10 course dinner in southwest France was hard to swallow. Not only was I insanely jealous because I love traveling, especially together, but I was worried that his exposure to an incredible array of experiences would cause us to grow apart and that I’d seem less worldly to him. 

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