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June 06, 2014

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Are you feeling stuck? Are you facing an obstacle that feels insurmountable? (Aren’t we all at some point?)

Trials — in our financial, professional and personal lives — are inevitable but, believe it or not, the pain can be good for you. I’m a firm believer that obstacles are what test our hearts, minds and bodies so that we can acquire wisdom and build our stamina for the greater things we will encounter and pursue in life. 

Look back at your past experiences. Did you learn the most from the good times or from the tough times? Chances are, it’s the latter. It is when we don’t get that promotion, when we lose that deal or when we lack all the resources we think we need that we are forced to find solutions and build our inner core of resilience (no, I don’t mean solid abs, though that would be nice too). 

The greater your inner resilience, the greater potential you have. So, the next time a storm approaches, weather it with these good habits:

1. Take a Moment to Breathe and Think 
When something is stressing us out, we tend to immediately react to the challenge in a physical or emotional way that can lead to a limiting outcome and trigger more stress. In order to solve problems, we need to create opportunities around them, which requires us to first digest the situation. The next time you freak out about that dwindling savings account or mounting debt, take a massive inhale, then exhale that pressure, reminding yourself that solutions require space to develop. It is in moments of calm that we can be the most creative to whip up solutions and the best ideas. 

2. Break Apart the Problem Into Smaller, Manageable Pieces 
Often, that growing problem looks so overwhelming that we shrink from it and become paralyzed. Instead of staring at it in its entirety head on, start breaking it down into smaller, actionable steps to make it seem less daunting. Get out that pen and paper and begin making a list of the changes that need to be made. Make a resolution to tackle one — only one — step at a time and stick to it. Seeing everything written out and pinpointing your action steps to relieve the problem will make you feel empowered and hopeful. You are well on your way to getting through this.

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