Amanda Steinberg

Don't Be A Statistic: Bullet-proof Your Job

Worried about losing your job or your clients? If you are a woman - especially a younger woman in her 20s or 30s - then you should be. According to a recent article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal and several other publications, during...

Don’t Be a Statistic: Mind the Gap

I used to think that people who pored over numbers and stats were geeks, and largely irrelevant to my life, my career, my small corner of the universe. And then I came upon a statistic the other day that made me want to write a letter of apology...

I am not entitled. I am not entitled.

I started DailyWorth for very selfish reasons. I want to be wealthy -- wealthy on all levels -- financially and spiritually, mostly (I know, guru friends -- spiritual wealth has no relationship to financial wealth, but that's for another blog...

Fill Your Mind With Prosperous Thoughts

I recently launched a website called Our mission is to transform women's relationship to self-worth and money. Most women I know have money issues. Either we have trouble making it, or we make it, but then spend it all. Few women I...


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