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How Do I Motivate a Burnt-Out Employee?

I think my marketing assistant might be burnt-out. She gets her work done but just barely — it’s like she’s doing the bare minimum required, rather than bringing any excitement or sense of possibility to the work. She also doesn’t seem fully...

Feeling Intimidated? Ask for Advice

When I was in my early twenties, I had a vague notion I could be a comedy writer. At the time I worked as a newspaper reporter in suburban Phoenix covering health care — things like hospital expansions and flu shot shortages. Granted, I once...

How to Set Boundaries at Work

How to set work-life boundaries at your new job.

How to Be Liked and Respected When You’re the Boss

If you just got a promotion, started a new job and are charged with managing a staff of strangers or even if you’re scouting for new clients, you’re likely facing a unique challenge. You need people to like you and respect your authority. But how...

How Can I Write a Cover Letter That Will Help Me Stand Out?

I’ve just started my search for a new job, and I’ve found several companies that I’d really like to work for. How can I write a cover letter that will help me stand out amongst all the other applicants? — Stephanie, Virginia Beach, VA The thing...

Kick Up Your Negotiating Chops – at Work and at Home

I pride myself on being a savvy businessperson, career focused and ambitious, and yet I went 19 years without ever asking for a raise. I didn’t think I needed to. Instead, I just worked very hard and hoped my boss would notice and reward me. My...

Why Talking a Big Game Is Good for Your Career

When someone compliments you, is your automatic response anything like mine? “Really? I haven’t slept in days. It must be the lighting in here!” Or, when you’ve been patted on the back for a job well done, do you allow your team to take credit...

How to Be a Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Gregg Renfrew and find out why being an entrepreneur is all about having fun.


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