How the Greek Debt Drama Could Affect You

My husband and I were thinking of selling our house this summer, despite the crummy market. But when we asked our realtor if we had a prayer, she said: “It depends on what happens in Europe.” Europe? Yep. You might not be caught up on the fact...

Navigating the New Economy

The new normal. The new economy. Whatever you want to call it, business ain't what it used to be.  Life as an entrepreneur in 2012 has little resemblance to the "order-taking" flood of opportunity of the late 90s. We're hustling, closing deals...

The Greek Debt Drama Continues

You’ve heard about the Greek debt crisis and the riots in Athens. But you may not realize that what happens in Greece could strike a lot closer to home. ηθοποι?ς (the actors) Greece is part of the 17-nation eurozone, a group of very different...

It’s Not Just About the U.S. Anymore

Whether you’re an avid day trader or your portfolio is on set-it-and-forget-it, we have some news from the market frontlines. The days of thinking and behaving like a U.S. investor are over. Done. Sayonara. Auf wiedersehen. Why? Three words:...


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