Justine Lackey


Justine Lackey is the Chief Wealth Officer of Good Cents Bookkeeping, a business that specializes in helping small businesses master their money. Justine has been featured as a small business expert on,,, and in several books. When she isn't balancing books, she is balancing work and family, living her life as a domestic goddess in Westchester, NY.

What I Gained From Nearly Losing My Mind

How a health crisis helped put my work, and my life, in perspective

It’s Not Just Business

Conventional wisdom tells us It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business, but I would venture to say the opposite. All business is personal — especially small business. If you are a solopreneur or own a small business, it’s in your best interest to be...

Employees vs. Contractors: What You Need to Know

A big, fat tax deadline is coming up on January 31, and it affects you, entrepreneurs: It’s D-Day to issue your 1099s and W2s. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make a mistake on these forms and there can be major consequences if you do.  But...

Are You Undervaluing Your Time?

For better or worse, I am an underachieving overachiever. I am constantly looking for ways to make myself and my business better, more efficient, higher performing. To get there, I’m completely obsessed with reading small business books. I have...

How a Whiteboard Put Me in the Black

The secret I learned at 15 that helped me succeed in business in my thirties.

The #1 Tax Problem You Don't Want

Whether you’re raking in big profits or your business is in its infancy, you must keep your business and personal finances separate—for tax purposes and two other important reasons. First, in order to grow your company (and not get tripped up by...

Set Yourself Up for Success

Right after you choose a company name, you need to choose what type of entity your business should become—i.e., its organizational structure. Think of the entity as the type of boat you are going to sail on the sea of entrepreneurship—you might...


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