Kate Northrup

Calculating the Value of a Stay-at-Home Parent

Money is simply a stand-in for what we value. We earn money in exchange for value we provide. It’s a simple equation. But what about the value we provide that we don’t get paid for? One of the most common, and trickiest, places this question shows...

How to Talk Money With Your Partner

Money drama can be one of the major reasons relationships break up. If you want to keep your relationship loving, calm, romantic and fun, it’s a good idea to get on the same page with your partner about finances. It can be scary, though. When I...

Is This Key Ingredient Missing From Your Debt Repayment Plan?

I remember sitting in the window seat flying from San Diego back to my digs in New York City. I’d been in a bit of a financial fog ever since I graduated from college, and though my parents had always instilled in me, “Never carry a balance on...

The Best Way to Teach Your Kids About Money

When I talk to people about why they do the things they do, especially when the things they do are hard like working a lot of hours or building a business, I often hear the same answer:  I’m doing this to give my kids a better future. It’s...

Want a Richer Life? Practice This Every Day

There are a lot of tried-and-true strategies for increasing your wealth: capitalizing on compound interest, spending less than we make and investing wisely. But there’s one ingredient that’s often left out of most personal finance lessons — and...

7 Ways to Create Your Own Money Love Story

Most people have a love/hate relationship with their money. But we have to interact with money every single day, so why not tip the scales a little further in the love direction? Imagine this: You are making more than enough money to pay all of...

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