MP Dunleavey

Investing Lingo Demystified, Part 1

  The primary reason many people (especially women) feel anxious and alienated by the investment world is they don't know the lingo. Think about it. Most women can quickly decode the following:Sales of the new Donna Karan Hobo soared after...

Live on 40%, Save 60%?

Could you live on 40% of your income—and save the other 60%? It sounds impossible (or tortuous), yet Mary-Jo Dionne says she's learned to make it happen—and happily—with a system she calls the 1-2-3 saving strategy. "Every time I get paid, I...

Self-Employed Retirement Magic

It's much harder to save when you're self-employed. Nobody in HR is going to coax you out for a power point, some coffee and a few prospectuses—and then set up automatic contributions for you. You have to do it yourself. And you must. And with...

A 401k No-No

Dear DailyWorth, I recently heard that a co-worker used some of his 401k money to pay off a credit card. I am 27, and have $11,000 in credit card debt. Should I do the same? ~ Katie M Dear Katie, GACK! NO. And here's why: It will cost you a...


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