Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

Hey would-be entrepreneurs. We've got a secret for ya. You don't have risk your house or go into debt to start a new business. Rather, you need to consider how you'll supplement your income as you build it. Rumor has it that only one in ten new...

My Weight Watchers-Inspired Money Diet

I'm a Weight Watchers master. In 2003, I was 5'8" and 160 pounds — not exactly ideal for a 25-year-old single girl living in Manhattan. I spent three (!) years on Weight Watchers, and for two years, failed repeatedly. I obsessed over every drop...

A Penny Saved

Expecting a refund check from the IRS? Most Americans do, and the average refund is over $2,000. Don't use it toward paying bills, buying a new wardrobe or a down payment for a new car or a house. Start an emergency fund. Financial planners think...

I am not entitled. I am not entitled.

I started DailyWorth for very selfish reasons. I want to be wealthy -- wealthy on all levels -- financially and spiritually, mostly (I know, guru friends -- spiritual wealth has no relationship to financial wealth, but that's for another blog...


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