How Much Can You Negotiate? More Than You'd Think.

Negotiating is a tricky, tricky game. I prefer doing it over email: I ponder my moves, come to a decision and slide the page back across the virtual table. I understand the basics of negotiation, but no matter what I know, getting down to the...

From Bank Fees to Medical Bills – 6 Surprising Things You Can Negotiate

Everything can be had for a price — and more often than you’d think, it’s less than what the price tag says. You probably expect to haggle a bit when purchasing a car or a garage sale item, but did you know it’s possible to keep more of your...

How I Started Shopping Smarter

A recent shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret not only revived my lingerie drawer, but also turned around my shopping habits. See, shopping is one of my least favorite activities: I can’t stand to maneuver through crowds of people. I feel...

Budget Bulge: How Spending Less Brought My Family Closer

Studies about women and money often find that we prioritize spending on our kids. That is certainly true for me. Although I loathe acquiring stuff for my children (I stop at H&M or Old Navy two or three times per year to stock up on kids’...

Should You Buy or Rent?

These days, you can rent nearly anything — but should you?

How Much Can You Save?

We’re issuing 7 savings challenges. Which one will you pick?

Could You Cut Your Spending in Half?

We asked three women to try. Here’s what happened.

How Yolanda Found $1,000 in Savings

Yolanda Enoch, a lifestyle organizer from Atlanta, Georgia, shares her experience with DailyWorth's eLearning program, Money Clarity. Sign up for the next session of Money Clarity today by clicking here. I’m an organization expert: I have a side...


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