Tara Gentile

Are You Calculating the "Soft Costs" of Your Business?

Why did you start your business? If you’re like some business owners or freelancers, you started working for yourself to spend more time with family, have a more flexible schedule and work more in accordance with your own strengths.  Yet, what I...

What Coffee Can Teach You About Pricing

How much did you pay for your cup of coffee this morning?  Was it the 50 cents (or less) per cup you invested for some beans and a filter at home? Maybe it was 99 cents you shelled out at the fast food drive-thru. Or $2 at the deli? Or maybe you...

What To Do When Your Revenue Flatlines

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Meg just started a new business. Her skills are exceptional, the work turns her on, and she really understands the customers she’s working with. She’s poised for success and excited about sharing what she does with...

Want to Earn More? Here’s What You Have to Do

A few years ago, when my business and DailyWorth were both in the toddler phase of development, I wrote an article on this site about learning how to charge vastly more for the work I did. That article was the most widely read article on the site...


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