10 Tax Tips for Small Businesses

Readers, please note that DailyWorth is retracting the section below on the home office deduction, owing to the complexity of this particular tax rule. We will post a correction soon, and a lengthier post explaining this deduction. Please check...

Split Your Refund and SaveUP!

Note: This post applies to Canadians, in part. Millions of Americans use their tax refunds as a form of forced savings. You know who you are. Money experts quibble with this strategy, arguing that when the government withholds extra money from...

Unclutter Your Taxes

(To our loyal readers in Canada and abroad, we're striving to one day make emails like this relevant to you.) OK, beautiful people. You've got 76 days until April 15th. Are you ready? Probably not. We're not. So we coaxed Erin Doland, renowned as...

Taxing Matters

Accountants keep running lists of ways to audit-proof tax returns, and you should, too. For starters, avoid using any round numbers on your return. For example, if you report that you earned $45,000, instead of $47,890.26, it sends a red flag to...

Write It Off

I have a great accountant and always recommend to my clients to take advantage of their relationship with their accountant. If you don’t have one you feel comfortable with, I would consider finding a new one. One of the reasons I justify paying...


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