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Terri Trespicio is the VP of Business & Talent Development for 2 Market Media, where she teaches everyone from high-profile talent to media newbies how to communicate their ideas powerfully and effectively. Former senior editor at Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine, Terri is a lifestyle and relationship expert who contributes regularly local and national media, and has appeared on the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, and Anderson Cooper. She hosted a live, daily call-in show for the Martha brand on Sirius XM radio for several years. She's a content strategist and writer who has contributed to Jezebel, Prevention, Marie Claire, The Date Report, Your Tango, and Boston Common magazine, among others. She lives in Manhattan. Visit her at and @TerriT on Twitter.

Why Saying No is Critical to Your Success

We’re all enlightened and intelligent enough to understand what we have a right to and what we shouldn’t settle for. We feel comfortable declaring things like: No, I will not be treated as a second-class citizen. No, I will not accept unequal...

Is This Where You Thought You’d Be? Take the 10-Year Test

Picture this: You wake up (perhaps from a minor head injury or a very deep sleep) and forget everything from the past 10 years. In your world, it’s 2004: George W. has won a second term; Martha Stewart has been convicted; Apple just introduced the...

Why You Need to Embrace the Haters

Not too long ago, haters were the domain of the rich and famous — or at least, anyone with a sizeable platform. In fact, it was basically a celebrity tax: you want attention, get ready for vitriol.  But now it very much is our problem. Because...

Create a Career You Actually Want

When I was working on my MFA at Emerson College, I looked at every person with a writing career the way some women in their 30s look at babies: Oh, look at that one! And, I want my own! I was in my 20s at the time, but I wasn’t dreaming about...

Manage Your Love Life Like Your Career

There’s probably not one thing about your career that you left to chance. You went to school and worked hard. You applied for jobs, talked to people. You followed up, read up, showed up. You’ve found jobs and lost them; sometimes they left you...

Forget Men: Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women

You hear it everywhere: Women are killing it these days. They’re doing better in school than their male counterparts and going on to fantastic careers. And yet... men still get promoted faster and paid more. So what gives? While there are plenty...

How I Pushed Past My Perfectionism

I’ll admit it: I’m a perfectionist. Yet I’m also well aware of the damage that perfectionism inflicts on the psyche, let alone self-confidence. Holding yourself to too high a standard — as I came to realize — not only makes life insufferable, but...

Should I Not Have Posted That?

How to Manage Your Personal — and Professional — Reputation Online


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