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Terri Trespicio is the VP of Business & Talent Development for 2 Market Media, where she teaches everyone from high-profile talent to media newbies how to communicate their ideas powerfully and effectively. Former senior editor at Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine, Terri is a lifestyle and relationship expert who contributes regularly local and national media, and has appeared on the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, and Anderson Cooper. She hosted a live, daily call-in show for the Martha brand on Sirius XM radio for several years. She's a content strategist and writer who has contributed to Jezebel, Prevention, Marie Claire, The Date Report, Your Tango, and Boston Common magazine, among others. She lives in Manhattan. Visit her at and @TerriT on Twitter.

Should I Not Have Posted That?

How to Manage Your Personal — and Professional — Reputation Online

Can You Tell Good Guilt From Bad?

If you haven’t felt bad about something in the past 24 hours, might want to check your pulse. Why? Because guilt, over things big and small, is rampant no matter who you are. Take me for instance. I waste stupid amounts of time feeling guilty...

I’ll Admit It: I’m in This Relationship for the Money

So, I started seeing someone. And I think it has long-term potential. You know how sometimes you just know? We were introduced by a mutual friend, and I trusted him immediately. During our first meeting, I revealed more than I expected — about...

What’s More Important Than Your Job? Your Network

When I was headed off to my freshman year at Boston College, my Uncle Bob gave me this piece of advice: “Don’t make friends too quickly.” Bob, a priest and professor who had been teaching theology to freshman at the University of Scranton for...

Why I’ll Never Let Love Trump Money Again

There’s a real liability in doing work you love: You may have a harder time getting paid for it. Not because of the nature of the work itself, necessarily, but because you’ve been sold a bill of goods: that the pleasure you derive from your work...

Cash Is Crass: It’s a Gift, Not a Fees Transaction!

I don’t give cash. Gift cards? Yes. Pre-loaded cash and gift cards? Yes. But I don’t believe cold, hard, out-of-the-ATM cash is a thoughtful gift. It’s the opposite. I used to give cash to the doormen in my building, every holiday, but it just...

You Show Me Yours, and I’ll Show You Mine

I don’t mince words. Never have. And trust me, it doesn’t always work in my favor. But while I can be quick and abrupt, I also waste no time with small talk. I’m willing to lay it all out early on, and if you do too, we’ll likely hit it off.  The...

The Joy of Financial Foreplay

Simply put, I like to look. I once stalked designer wallets for a month before I bid on one on eBay (and got it!). I started looking at furniture for my New York City apartment weeks before I’d moved there or even met a realtor. I’m currently in...


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