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Dr. Anna Akbari is a sociologist, entrepreneur, and “the thinking person’s stylist.” She is a former professor in the department of Media, Culture, and Communication and the department of Art and Art Professions at New York University, as well as the Art and Design History and Theory department at Parsons The New School for Design. Her research focuses on visual self-presentation, visual culture, identity, technology/human relationships, and happiness. Akbari is the founder of Sociology of Style, which offers intelligent commentary on image and culture-related issues, and Sociology of Style services, its personal consulting division, which takes a holistic approach to individual empowerment and identity construction through personal styling and image management. A prominent thought leader, she is frequently called on as an expert and can be found speaking or writing for such outlets as TED, CNN, The Atlantic, and the Financial Times. Watch her TED talk; sign-up for Sociology of Style; read and hear more here; follow her on Twitter.

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