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Feeling Intimidated? Ask for Advice

When I was in my early twenties, I had a vague notion I could be a comedy writer. At the time I worked as a newspaper reporter in suburban Phoenix covering health care — things like hospital expansions and flu shot shortages. Granted, I once...

How to Set Boundaries at Work

How to set work-life boundaries at your new job.

How to Be Liked and Respected When You’re the Boss

If you just got a promotion, started a new job and are charged with managing a staff of strangers or even if you’re scouting for new clients, you’re likely facing a unique challenge. You need people to like you and respect your authority. But how...

How Can I Write a Cover Letter That Will Help Me Stand Out?

I’ve just started my search for a new job, and I’ve found several companies that I’d really like to work for. How can I write a cover letter that will help me stand out amongst all the other applicants? — Stephanie, Virginia Beach, VA The thing...

Kick Up Your Negotiating Chops – at Work and at Home

I pride myself on being a savvy businessperson, career focused and ambitious, and yet I went 19 years without ever asking for a raise. I didn’t think I needed to. Instead, I just worked very hard and hoped my boss would notice and reward me. My...

Why Talking a Big Game Is Good for Your Career

When someone compliments you, is your automatic response anything like mine? “Really? I haven’t slept in days. It must be the lighting in here!” Or, when you’ve been patted on the back for a job well done, do you allow your team to take credit...

How to Be a Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Gregg Renfrew and find out why being an entrepreneur is all about having fun.

What Do You Want From Your Next Job?

When you were fresh out of college, you might have taken any job that fit your major and paid enough to cover your share of the rent and student loan payment. But as you move through your career, your needs change in alignment with where you are...


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