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Get More for Your Rewards

You spend a lot on your cards and you want all the perks you deserve. With so many options (flights! merch! cash!) how do you get the most for your hard-swiped points?  Best Cash back. Redeeming points for cash is a smart way to go, experts say....

5 Best Cash-Back Cards

Want a great reward card? Now is the time to pick one, says credit expert Erica Sandberg of “Card companies really want your business, so they’re finding ways to make their cards as appealing as possible.” These days you can get...

Get More Points in Your Favor

Frequent flyer miles. Hotel rewards. Credit card points. The more you have, the more perks you get. To amass as many points as possible, Brian Kelley, a.k.a. The Points Guy, shared some insider tips. Earn while you eat. Register your credit card...

Credit Union Credit Cards - A Prudent Alternative

Spent by credit card and debit card options? Here's an alternative: credit union credit cards.What's a Credit Union? Unlike a bank, a credit union does not have investors or stockholders. Credit unions have members (YOU!) in which all profits are...

8 Ways to Cut Your Credit Card Debt

If you're overwhelmed by nausea every time you even think of using your credit card, you've probably been on the "charge it" carousel just a little too long. Time to get off. But can you possibly climb out of that sizable debt hole you've dug for...

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