Emily Boothroyd

The 4-Letter Word That Will Sink Your Financial Plan

Have you been rationalizing spending a little extra here and saving a little less there? The very words you use can influence your financial decisions … for better or worse

Is Marriage Financially Beneficial?

Thinking about tying the knot? Learn the pros and cons of getting married (financially, that is)

Why Financial 'Rules' Aren't One Size Fits All

Is it ever okay to flout tried-and-true financial advice? Emily Boothroyd says, “Yes”

5 Ways To Protect Your Relationship From Financial Damage

When I read the words we put on the page, my stomach started to feel queasy. I silently recited my mantra (“What would I tell a client to do?”) and put my pen to paper, scrawling my name across the black line. A few minutes later, our co-tenancy...

How to Gauge Your Risk Tolerance

I can recall the day vividly.  “This is like the other ones I’ve been on, right?” I asked my dad.   “Sure,” he replied, “You’ll love it!”   I sat next to my father, a hesitant smile on my face, as the man fastened the safety bar over our laps. Our...

Get the Most From Your Financial Advisor

“You probably think I’m stupid,” one of my clients said to me.  I paused before I answered. She was in the middle of a divorce and had learned that she was on the hook for more debt than she realized. This client was also unclear on her...


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