Dealing with Doubts

Today's guest blog post was provided by transition coach and writer Deborah A. Bailey ( So what happens when you have doubts about your business dream? You can see it...most of the time. Other times it seems much too...

Sell Your ASSets

Last week I scored a drool-worthy sales meeting for my Web consulting company. Winning this contract would add a blue-chip client to our roster and serious inflation to our bank account. The night before the meeting, I was anxious. What should I...

Sell Your Friends

Celebrate the success of others. When someone you know — a colleague, a friend, even a professional acquaintance — succeeds in getting what she wants, be a cheerleader. Announce her success on Twitter or Facebook. Good karma. Good business. We'll...

The Power of 10

You're not using the power of the people you know. Folks who can help you, listen, offer ideas, make calls on your behalf. Make a list of 10 people you know. Why 10? Because it's a magic number. We have 10 fingers and 10 toes. Plus, according to...


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