Financial planning

How a Whiteboard Put Me in the Black

The secret I learned at 15 that helped me succeed in business in my thirties.

7 Warning Signs You’re In Financial Trouble

I vividly remember being in my kitchen a couple years ago and having to decide between two bills to pay: our mortgage or day care. My husband has recently gotten laid off for the second time in four years, and in the meantime, we had doubled our...

Ask an Advisor: What Is the Inheritance Tax?

What is the inheritance tax? Receiving an inheritance usually comes with paying an inheritance tax, depending on where you live or where the deceased lived. An inheritance tax is a state tax (or county tax, in one case) imposed on beneficiaries...

What Is the Alternative Minimum Tax?

What is the alternative minimum tax, and how do I know if I owe it? The alternative minimum tax, or AMT, is an income tax levied by the U.S. government on certain individuals, corporations, estates and trusts and was intended to prevent wealthier...

What Lifestyle Can You Afford on $50,000?

Median household income in the United States has hovered just over $50,000 for the past few years, according to research from the U.S. Census Bureau. But $50,000 a year may translate into a completely different lifestyle in Oklahoma City than it...

6 Tax Tips For the Divorced

Statistically speaking, about half of marriages in the US end in divorce. This means that it's a reality that many people face. You have to deal with a lot during a divorce, not to mention more complicated paperwork during tax time. Read these...

15 Tax-Saving Steps to Take Now

With the end of the year quickly approaching, you are probably focused on finalizing travel plans and squeezing in last-minute holiday shopping. There’s a good chance that the last thing on your mind is tax planning. However, now is the time to...

Should You Buy or Rent?

These days, you can rent nearly anything — but should you?


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