Justine Lackey


Justine Lackey is the Chief Wealth Officer of Good Cents Bookkeeping, a business that specializes in helping small businesses master their money. Justine has been featured as a small business expert on,,, and in several books. When she isn't balancing books, she is balancing work and family, living her life as a domestic goddess in Westchester, NY.

Be a Better Boss

Growing your team, and effectively managing it, is the only way a solopreneur can grow into being a successful entrepreneur (and therefore provide jobs to others). But managing people is a very specific skillset, just like marketing, accounting...

What Makes a Business Most Likely to Succeed?

So you say you want to start a business, but what are its chances of survival? What types of businesses are voted “Most Likely To Succeed”? More importantly, what skills can you acquire to make sure your business can ride out tough times? Small...

Why New Businesses Fail (and How to Beat the Odds)

Have you ever met a new entrepreneur? Passion and determination just oozes out of them, along with a “no one can stop me” attitude.  I love their energy and excitement, but I enjoy their giddiness with a grain of salt. I’ve worked with new...

Time-Saving Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs

Every entrepreneur wants to run her business like a pro. Whether it’s managing your money, client leads and sales funnels, or being more productive and maximizing the minutes you spend at your desk, we all know there’s room to improve. But when...

3 Ways To Prevent Embezzlement In Your Business

I hate this scenario. And I find myself here at least several times a year. It’s a new client, sometimes in tears, sometimes with steam coming out of her ears, recounting a story about how her trusted bookkeeper stole thousands of dollars. It’s a...

What I Gained From Nearly Losing My Mind

How a health crisis helped put my work, and my life, in perspective

It’s Not Just Business

Conventional wisdom tells us It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business, but I would venture to say the opposite. All business is personal — especially small business. If you are a solopreneur or own a small business, it’s in your best interest to be...

Employees vs. Contractors: What You Need to Know

A big, fat tax deadline is coming up on January 31, and it affects you, entrepreneurs: It’s D-Day to issue your 1099s and W2s. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make a mistake on these forms and there can be major consequences if you do.  But...


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