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Financial Coupling: It’s Not About 50-50

Whether it’s through marriage or cohabitation, there comes a point in most serious relationships where “his and hers” extends beyond the toothbrush holder. We’re talking bank accounts and savings accounts, investment strategies and retirement...

The Worst Advice I Ever Gave

I was the first to wake that morning.  I was still reeling in the painful aftermath of learning that my husband of nearly two decades had been living a double life. The father of my three sons, and the man I had built a life around, had been...

Stay Connected No Matter How Busy You Are

As the director of an international firm, Sandy, a mom of two, travels several times a year. Her husband Chris runs an investment company.  Cynthia and her partner Jane build their careers each day, then Jane pursues an MBA at night.  Alice is a...

What I Learned From Being a Bridesmaid 12 Times

“Will you be a bridesmaid?” is one of the sweetest questions a friend can ask. I’ve answered with a resounding “yes!” twelve times. Being a bridesmaid is wonderful: I’m honored my friends trust me to make their bridal experiences as amazing as...

How a Painful Divorce Inspired Me To Build a Business

It was slightly before six a.m. when I heard the all too familiar sound of my iPhone vibrating against the bedside table. With my head still nestled comfortably on my pillow, I reached for the phone, expecting to see an assortment of bargain...

How to Keep Your Relationship in Financial Harmony

A financial power struggle can be the “most destructive scenario” in coupledom says Rachelle Miller, a relationship coach and family attorney. It happens when the person who makes the most money is perceived to have the most power and control in...

On My Life as an Un-Wife

How an unmarried but completely committed couple manages their money

Why I Signed a Prenup (and You Should Too)

I was a teenager when I first heard the term “prenuptial agreement.” I asked my cousin what it meant, and she told me it was something a rich man asks a woman to sign to prevent her from marrying him just for his money. I was so intrigued by this...

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