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Molly Triffin worked at Cosmopolitan for eight years, where, as features director, she wrote about everything from wrongfully convicted prisoners to dangerous plastic surgery trends, and also supervised special projects and events. She had a glass-walled office overlooking the Hudson River, spent way too much money on way too tall shoes, and went out nearly every night of the week to places teeming with nerdy glasses and PBR.

Two years ago, her life transformed when she moved with her ski addict husband to Stowe, Vermont. Now, considering she writes freelance pieces from a pine-paneled office overlooking Mt. Mansfield, stops for every single pedestrian, and knows the best way to stack wood (criss-crossed with a few inches of space between each log), she’s nearly adjusted to life in the land of golden retrievers and Subarus…of which she has both.

Are You Committing Financial Infidelity?

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Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re at Bloomingdale’s and fall in love with a sleek wrap dress that’s out of your price range. Still, on a whim, you try it on for fun — not intending to buy it, of course. Then the salesperson gushes about...

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It’s vacation season! So get ready for beautiful beaches, breath-taking mountains…and overpriced hotel rooms. Luckily, there are savvy ways to outsmart the sky-high rates and nab yourself a sweet deal.  For example, I spent last Memorial Day...

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