Ditch Debt Safely

Capitalizing on the wave of Americans desperate to ditch their debts, a slew of new debt settlement companies have hit the scene, with flashy TV and radio ads promising to make your debt disappear. But many engage in "abusive, fraudulent and...

IRS Recalls 1040 Forms

It has been a strange week for money, with the IRS recalling erroneous forms, California retailers organizing a debit card protest—and more. Keep reading for the best DW news you can use.Wrong Forms Confuse Tax Payers A printing error on 1040...

The Cons Are Pros

Scam Alert! You're hip to email phishing scams (an emerald mine in Nigeria? Who thought of that?)—and those phony calls saying that the warranty on your car is about to expire. But con artists are going high-tech, so watch out.Rip-offs on the...

The GDP is Up Today

It's an odd mix of economic events. This morning, the Commerce Department announced that the Gross Domestic Product—the main indicator of America's economic health—grew at an annual rate of 3.5% in the third quarter. Sweet. But today also marks...


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