Serena Kappes

7 Common Career Mistakes That Can Hold You Back

At some point in your career, you’re likely to feel like you’re in a rut. Maybe you took a job for the money thinking that it’s temporary and five years later, you’re still there. Or you’ve signed on for a position you were told was one thing and...

Are You Millionaire Material?

Is there a millionaire gene? Some inherent DNA configuration that makes one person more likely to have a higher earning potential than someone else? If only it were that easy. Elle Kaplan, the CEO and founding partner of LexION Capital Management...

Surefire Strategies for Organizing Your Life

When I think about organizing anything from my closet to my financial papers, I feel a sense of dread and anxiety. I’ve made attempts, but they’re always fleeting. I’ll get rid of a stack of papers only to find another one slowly accumulating....

Could You Be in the Wrong Career?

When’s the last time you asked yourself if you’re (still) doing what you love? Often, just getting through the daily workload keeps your mind occupied enough that wondering whether your career is really making you happy becomes an afterthought....

6 ‘Good’ Habits That Can Actually Make Us Feel Worse

We all have habits — things we do in life that we’re convinced will lift our mood when we’re having a particularly rough day at work or at home. For instance, when something happens that bothers me, I will dissect it down to its smallest minutiae...


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