6 Standout Women in Male-Dominated Industries

Getting recognized for your professional achievements is an ongoing challenge. Even tougher? Ascending in an industry in which executive women are scarce, if not nonexistent. To find out what it takes to get ahead in a male-dominated field, we...

6 Surprising Ways to Get Your Work Noticed

Your PowerPoints are powerful. Your reports are remarkable. And yet you’re feeling like no one notices all your good work. You’re sometimes left wondering, Where’s the love in the workplace? Being overlooked for your contributions can not only...

6 Ways to Stand Out at Work

Are you sometimes left off of group work emails? Have you realized that your boss’s boss doesn’t know your name? When your performance is stellar but your work presence needs improvement, it’s time to raise your visibility.  Getting the attention...

Style Inspiration: Standout Signature Looks of 6 Successful Women

What are you known for? Perhaps it’s your cleverness or your precision. Or maybe your sense of humor. Whatever it is that sets you apart, it pays to align those noteworthy qualities with the look you’re projecting. Your personal image has the...

Stand Out for the Right Reasons

We all want to fit in at work, but we don’t want to blend in so much that we’re overlooked. In fact, a new Harvard Business School study finds that wearing “unusual” clothing can actually boost personal status in the eyes of onlookers.  But...

Meet 6 Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World

CEOs are frequently seen as profit-driven with a laser-beam focus on the bottom line. But many female entrepreneurs have another goal in mind: According to a University of Cincinnati study, women are more likely than men to use business as a...

Is This Coming Between You and Success?

My sister was recently job-hunting, and got a call back from a firm after she’d already accepted a position elsewhere. Still, she decided to go to the interview just for practice and when the big day finally rolled around, she realized she felt...

Companies With a Cause

Meet six business owners who are focused on purpose as much as profits


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