I’m Not Okay With My Partner Paying for Everything

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When the company I was working for decided to restructure my department, I understood my time there was up. My fiancé, an entrepreneur who... Read Now

Sandy Chaikin

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How Your Money Story Is Holding You Back

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I’m Working With My Best Friend — Where Do We Draw the Line?

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How to Handle Awkward Situations With Your Work Friends

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8 Scenarios You'll Try to Talk Yourself Out of, but Shouldn't

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10 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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Everything You Need to Know About 401(k)s

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5 Ways to Get Ahead on Next Year’s Taxes

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11 Basic Tax Terms You Should Know

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13 Winter Dresses You Can Wear to Work

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Do You Know How Much Money Your Friends Make? You Should

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Stop Wasting Time Following Fashion ‘Rules’

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What Really Happens When You Miss Credit Card Payments

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There's No Such Thing As a 'Career Path'

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Beyond Self-Help: 20 Books About Money You Need to Read

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