Your Work and Your Soul: The Big Payoff Podcast

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Are you “being good” or just trying to “be good at”? Read Now

Anna Kunnecke

A master coach for women with big, complicated, gorgeous lives. See Profile
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Your Apology Energy Is Costing You

Hilary Hendershott, MBA, CFP®

Founder of Hilary Hendershott Financial. Empowering one million women to become millionaires. See Profile
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5 Tips to Stay Sane and Solvent During Divorce

Danna Lewis

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5 Tips to Improve Your Life’s Bottom Line

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7 Ways to Make the Transition from Maternity Leave Back to Work Easier

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It can be downright scary, especially if this is your first baby and you feel a bit unprepared. Read Now

2017: Financial Advice is Broken, Not You

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Typical financial advice only works for a small percentage of people. Read Now

You Have 30 Or More Official Credit Scores: Part 2

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Are free scores fine, or can they really cost you? Read Now

You Have 30 Or More Official Credit Scores

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When you should pay for them, and when free is good enough. Read Now

Don’t Abandon Those New Year’s Resolutions Just Yet

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Some have added benefits that can also save you money. Read Now

Regift Without Getting Caught

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Admit it. You’ve totally taken a present you were just given, gone home, and rewrapped it to give to someone else.... Read Now

5 Alternative Holiday Gift Ideas

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Some of the most thoughtful gifts also work well if you’re planning last-minute. Read Now

5 Things to Consider in Your Year-End Giving

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Off-Season Winter Destinations That Can Save You Money

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Visiting certain destinations during peak season usually means spending a lot more. Read Now

Do women want to depend on a man to support them?

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If you ask women whether they want to depend on a man to support them, most will say no, but their life choices tell... Read Now

No present like the present: Go on a trip and skip the gifts

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Since many studies have revealed that spending money on memories instead of things actually makes us happier, is it... Read Now

If You’re Angry and You Know It: The Big Payoff Podcast

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How to deal with conflicting feelings about our emotions, particularly when they bubble up in professional settings. Read Now

These Women Want to Fund Your Business

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SheEO’s new crowdfunding model helps women support women Read Now

20 Quotes from Powerful Women on Gratitude

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If you’re reading this, chances are you have a lot to be grateful for. You’ve most likely achieved many resources —... Read Now