Do You Know How Much You Spend? Start Tracking

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A few years ago, my husband and I started running out of money before we ran out of weeks in the month. (Don’t you hate when that happens?) This... Read Now

Jeffrey Landers, CDFA™

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Brittney Castro, CFP®

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Barbara Stanny

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Which Financial Documents Can You Throw Away?

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If you haven’t already opted to go paperless, you might be swimming in a flood of receipts, bills, pay stubs, tax forms, and other financial... Read Now

12 Easy Rules to Declutter Your Home

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Has your place been looking a little . . . clogged up lately? Well, it may be time to do a little cleaning up! However, if you've been following... Read Now

11 TED Talks You Need to Watch

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Beyond Lean In By now, everyone can more or less quote Sheryl Sandberg’s TED Talk that spurred Lean In (“Sit at the table!”) and Chimamanda Ngozi... Read Now

Why I’m Glad I Got Pregnant at 40

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I’m proud I got pregnant at 40. Yes I was the oldest mom in the playground when my son was a toddler and now I’m the oldest one at school pickups.... Read Now

How My Husband and I Paid Off $62,000 in 3 Years

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Two weeks before my senior year of college, I realized that my student debt was out of control. As I packed my bags in preparation for another... Read Now

The 6 Factors That Determine Who Gets To Be a Millionaire

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We all recognize “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” as not just a popular game show, but also a ridiculous question. The obvious answer to the... Read Now

How Does Color Affect Your Mood?

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The colors you wear send subtle signals out into the world. And while the idea that we should change colors with the seasons sounds both... Read Now

How to Use Credit Cards for Small Business

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Credit cards can be an important source of company financing — they can provide capital on demand and help manage cash flow. Plus, “using a credit... Read Now

Should You Close a Credit Card Account?

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If you’re no longer using a particular credit card, there are financial benefits to keeping it open — as long as it’s free. But if it’s costing... Read Now

How to Boost Your Credit Score

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If your credit score is under 700 (the number considered prime), you’re not alone. More than 55 percent of Americans have subprime credit scores,... Read Now

Meet 10 Women Behind Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign

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Hillary Clinton is making history, and she's not doing it alone. She wisely stacked her team with impressive women across the board  —  from media... Read Now

13 Women On the Weird Ways They Were Fired

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Getting fired is simply a fact of the working world, and even the most successful among us have been there (including J.K. Rowling, Sallie... Read Now

How I Stopped Worrying About Money and Learned to Love My Budget

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I remember the first time I was introduced to budgeting. It was similar to the first time I met my husband: significant in hindsight but hardly... Read Now

Is LASIK Surgery Worth the Money?

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I’ve had poor vision since the fifth grade — and it’s steadily and steeply declined ever since. Now I see so poorly that driving after dark is... Read Now