The Quiet Misogyny We’re Not Talking About

4309 stop judging women for not having kids thumb
After relocating to a new city, I was invited to join a local women’s book club. A group of twenty- and thirtysomething women clustered in the... Read Now

Katie Waters, CFP®

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Are You a Spender or a Squirrel?

Cassie Price

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What Dave Ramsey’s Cash Method Actually Does to Your Credit Score

Carly Barker, CLTC

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America’s Invisible Workforce: Caregivers

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When Your Ambition Doesn’t Line Up With Your Friends’

4306 having a supportive partner isn t enough thumb
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6 Women Revamping Their Family Businesses

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How Much You Should Really Spend on a House

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Everything You Need to Do When Your Boss Suddenly Quits

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I Don’t Respect My New Boss

4301 i was passed over for a promotion now what thumb 1
I was passed over for a promotion that I feel I deserved, and am now reporting to a colleague I simply don't respect.... Read Now

My Job Isn’t My Identity, and That’s Okay

4297 your career doesn t have to be your whole identity thumb
From an early age, Americans are conditioned to believe that what’s most valuable in our lives are our professional... Read Now

Do the New Overtime Rules Really Mean Bigger Paychecks?

4308 what are the new overtime rules thumb
This week, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) passed new rules that require every employer in the country to pay... Read Now

Stop Assuming I’m Lazy — I Have a Chronic Illness

4298 working with a chronic illness thumb
I own a teacup that has the words every day I'm hustlin' scrawled around the rim. Filled with bow-shaped paper clips... Read Now

How to Raise Rich (but Not Spoiled) Kids

2099 how to raise rich but not spoiled kids 1
My parents didn’t get me a car when I got my license; they insisted I buy one with the paychecks I earned from my... Read Now

Get Recognized at Work With a Killer Self-Assessment

4288 how to write your best self assessment thumb
When it comes time for your quarterly or annual review, your supervisor will likely ask you to write an assessment of... Read Now

The Reality of Having ADHD in the Workplace

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I spent my childhood in tony private schools that touted their ability to give students individualized care and... Read Now

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Is More Important Than You Think

4290 sleep absolutely needs to be a priority thumb
My sleep evangelism started with my own painful wake-up call. On the morning of April 6, 2007, I was lying on the... Read Now

10 More Investing Questions Explained in Plain English

4284 super basic investing questions thumb
Our first basic investing primer was hugely popular, and for good reason: Investing seems largely out of reach to... Read Now

Bad Credit Isn’t a Moral Failing

4281 bad credit isn t a moral failing thumb
I wasn’t careless with my money. I just couldn’t have foreseen my life taking the path that it has — or have planned... Read Now