Daughters of Working Mothers Earn 23 Percent More

3669 working mothers give daughters career edge 1
Call it the working mother effect. When a woman works outside of the home before her children are 14 years old, she improves her daughter’s... Read Now

Tamsen Fadal

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Laura W. Campbell

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The Moment I Knew I Was a Leader

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Being a true leader isn’t about securing a fancy title or a having certain number of people working for you. After... Read Now

I’m Going to Become My Boyfriend’s Boss — What Do I Do?

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I Don’t Regret My Secret Work Romance

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David and I were “Watergate babies.” When Republican operatives broke into the Democratic National Committee... Read Now

The Best Money-Saving Travel Apps of 2015

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5 Ways to Protect Your Money When You’re Traveling Abroad

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Don’t Ignore These 7 Subtle Signs of Work Burnout

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Mental burnout, coined in the 1970s to describe the psychological effects of relentless work stress, happens so... Read Now

Sex Lives of CEOs: How Busy Professionals Find the Time

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For many, sex has a tendency to fall low on the daily to-do list — especially if you're in a long-term relationship... Read Now

What Your Financial Advisor Isn't Telling You

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The world we live in asks us to make financial decisions every day. These range from the inane, such as whether to... Read Now

How to Raise Rich (but Not Spoiled) Kids

2099 how to raise rich but not spoiled kids 1
My parents didn’t get me a car when I got my license; they insisted I buy one with the paychecks I earned from my... Read Now

How to Invest When You Don’t Have Much to Invest

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Trying to invest less than $1,000 can be frustrating — everywhere you turn, you run into barriers. Many investment... Read Now

A Perfume Guide for Perfume Haters

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Smell is our strongest sense, and the scents we wear are much more than frilly enhancements or attraction tactics.... Read Now

Are Gel Manicures Worth the Money?

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Every woman I know has a completely different take on her nails — some get weekly manicures and never have bare... Read Now

3 Well-Meaning Assumptions About Women You Never Realized Were Sexist

3590 3 well meaning assumptions about women you never realized were sexist 1
Originally published on Everyday Feminism. I was recently talking to a man about a female friend of his, who had just... Read Now

What to Do If Your Dream Put You in Debt

3640 how to pay off debt from opening a business 1
Between my own unwillingness to talk about money and shame around my debt, there are few things that impress me more... Read Now