8 Free Apps That Help You Save Without Thinking

3745 top 8 free savings apps 1
Raise your hand if you want to save more. Okay, keep it raised if you feel like there just isn’t enough time to figure out your budget or... Read Now

Jeffrey Stoffer, CFP®, MBA, CFA®

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Why It’s OK to Love Money (and How to Have More of It in Your Life)

Jane Barratt

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Building Your Money Muscles

Addie McHale, CFP®

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So, How Are Your Parents’ Finances?

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6 Outrageous Credit Card Fees You Shouldn’t Have To Pay

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The Economic Reasons Why Rape Is Underreported

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How to Get a Job When You’re Not 100 Percent Qualified

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There are plenty of good reasons to apply for a job you’re not fully qualified for, including the fact that the men... Read Now

How to Nail Your First Day on the Job

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Your first day at a new job can feel a lot like a first date. You spend an hour picking out the perfect outfit,... Read Now

Get Over Your Fear Of Investing — Even In A Bad Market

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In a recent interview with a potential client, I noticed that all of her investible assets were in cash. When I asked... Read Now

What I Would Say to My Past Debt-Ridden Self

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I was recently having a conversation with one of my best friends, who is completely overwhelmed by debt. Whenever I... Read Now

Why Having Sex Can Make You Smarter

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The same host of hormones and chemicals that turn you on also impact other brain processes that help you think... Read Now

Beyond Hillary: 17 Female Leaders You Need to Know

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How to Be a Good Boss — to Your Intern

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6 Signs You're Not Appreciated at Work — and How to Deal

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My Boss Keeps Calling Me "Sweetie" — How Do I Make Him Stop?

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My boss is generally lovely to work with. He's communicative, fair, organized, and a diplomatic leader. But... Read Now

The Warning Signs of Financial Abuse

3720 the warning signs of financial abuse 1
[Editor's Note: The following piece contains descriptions of graphic violence.] One hot summer afternoon, 15-year-old... Read Now

I Was Bullied at Work — And I’ll Never Let It Happen Again

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Everything changed the day my boss quit — and was replaced by a new manager, along with our department’s VP, who had... Read Now

8 Expenses Every Woman Should Plan For

3718 8 expenses every woman should plan for 1
Prioritizing an emergency fund (savings for three to six months of expenses) is paramount to being an independent... Read Now