(L)Earning What I’m Worth
by Tara Gentile


Tara Gentile

For years, I didn’t put much thought into the worth of my skills. Despite my education and experience, I even started to believe that I couldn’t find a job other than my $28,000-a-year, 55-hour-a-week retail position.

But when my daughter was born in July 2008, I took the opportunity to start fresh. I quit my dead-end job and decided to explore work of my own making.

I began blogging and learned web design. One year later, I bought an existing business with a loan from my credit union and a huge leap of faith.

I started out charging way too little, but I built up my business. Then I raised my rates. Steeply.

Guess what happened? I didn’t lose clients; in fact, I gained more. And less than two years after starting my business, I was making $5,000 a month.

In 2011 I earned more than $100,000. Every day I take another step toward the abundance I once believed I didn’t deserve—and might never achieve.


Tara Gentile is a writer, speaker, and business coach leading the You Economy, and the author of The Art of Earning.

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