Case Study: Betterment

Betterment offers an innovative online investment platform that makes smart investing simple.

screenshotMarketing Goal
Raise brand awareness and efficiently acquire new customers.

Reaching a tech-savvy female audience, and educating them that online investing can be both easy and accessible.

DailyWorth Delivers
DailyWorth’s dedicated emails (to both its Money Management and AssetClass editions) lent Betterment credibility and kept Betterment top of mind for DailyWorth readers. Readers valued Betterment’s straightforward approach, and were empowered to start investing “the better way.”


Acquired new customers and increased both brand awareness and credibility
Happy client - Betterment continues to partner with DailyWorth
“We are thrilled that DailyWorth helped Betterment attract a new customer segment – the elusive female investor. DailyWorth’s advertorial emails were extremely effective at introducing Betterment and driving conversion."