Case Study: Offermatic

Offermatic offers card-linked automatic discounts and rebates based on users’ spending habits.

screenshotMarketing Goal
Drive brand awareness and grow member base.

Cutting through the “daily deals and discounts” clutter to connect with smart, tech-savvy and budget-conscious consumers.

DailyWorth Delivers
DailyWorth’s dedicated email and banner ad campaign quickly and simply distilled Offermatic’s value proposition. Getting discounts on already purchased items was a no-brainer for DailyWorth readers who immediately recognized the value of Offermatic and flocked, en masse, to become Offermatic members.


Incredible engagement - dedicated email had a 41% open rate and 6% CTR
High conversion - 80% improvement in conversion
Huge success - Offermatic received tons of traffic and new members
“We are thrilled with the campaign performance. Your readers are the exact audience we are going after!”