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How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift?

Cash or gift? And how much to give? You might be surprised by the answers

Summer Styles with Staying Power

Ten classics that are making a comeback this season -- and how to wear them

DIY Beauty? It Can Be Done

Cost-saving beauty and hair tips you can do yourself—and when to leave it to the pros.

9 Shopping Sites for Every Type of Fashionista

Does online shopping ever seem a little...overwhelming? With the plethora of choices available online, it may be hard to find just the right place to spend those hard-earned dollars.

3 Skin-Saving Treatments That Can Save You Money Too

A few years ago, I was writing a story for Vogue magazine on new skincare treatments, when I got the straight dope in hushed tones from a top-rated Manhattan cosmetic surgeon. Only three things actually work, she said: exfoliation, retinol and...

The 3 Most Common Spending Triggers—and How to Beat Them

Does this sound familiar? You feel fried after a long day at work. You stop in the bathroom on your way out of the office, get one look at your sallow complexion, and the next thing you know you’re dropping $100 on “skin-brightening” makeup....

Does Preemptive Retail Therapy Work?

Who hasn’t sought out retail therapy after suffering a blow to the ego or a particularly bad week at work? Now new research from Northwestern University suggests that we also use retail therapy to cast a protective spell before a potentially...

Nab Fall Looks Now

You may be shivering and looking forward to spring, but trendsetters are taking notes on upcoming styles from the fall runways right now (last week Milan, this week Paris!). Good news: You can snag these looks now, as winter items go on sale. Now...

Smart Shopping Hacks for Great Deals

You want those Gucci Chain-link sunglasses.  But they are $330 retail. Ouch. Still, they’d make you look like a CEO and feel like Trinity from the Matrix. Is the movie star effect you might get from the splurge worth the potential buyer’s...

How to Put Some Money in Your Designer Bags

Most women think of the dividends their handbag might yield in terms of looks and style. But a real power bag can also return some of the hundreds (or thousands) you put into it when you tap into the high-end resale market.   “Classic, covetable...