Climbing the Ladder

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Be Mentored by a Female CEO

Learn from leading women in business and start thinking like a CEO.

Systematic Networking: How to Uncover Your Hidden Client Base

Networking can be a daunting task when you’re not experienced, so quit your random client search with these four tips.

3 Reasons You Need to Stop Multitasking

Real worth is measured in quality, not quantity. You know this instinctively. But if you really believed it, would you attempt to do as much per minute as you currently do? No, you would not. Multitasking — the compulsion to do it, the persistent...

Are You Networking or Net-Winging It?

Make the most of professional events with these networking strategies.

How to Parent Equally When You Both Work Full-Time

When I was pregnant, I ran into an acquaintance who asked whether I would continue to teach classes after the baby’s birth. “Of course,” I said. “That and everything else I do. I teach classes on evenings and weekends anyway and my partner works...

10 Fast Facts About Ursula Burns, the First Black Female CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

Ursula Burns in now synonymous with history. When she was named CEO of Xerox, a company at which she had been employed for almost 30 years, she became the first black woman CEO of Fortune 500 company. Forbes named her the 22nd most powerful woman...

I’m in a Career Rut — What Now?

I have my Master's in Public Health and (what I used to feel was) an impressive resume of international experience. We moved to Tampa because of my husband’s work, but I am not seeing the professional opportunities I had imagined. I see my...

How to Get Heard in Meetings

It pays to contribute confidently in meetings. You don’t want to end up in a six-month performance review with a boss who complains that you “don’t speak up.” But it can be hard to speak up when others speak over you, interrupt you, and are...

I Wish I Was a Part-Time Mom

My fiancé has his two children 50 percent of the time, while I have my daughter all the time. I am constantly telling him how lucky he is. It seems like an appalling thing to say — but I am envious. More often than not, I find myself resentful of...