Climbing the Ladder

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6 Steps to Negotiating Better at Home and at Work

After the Sony hack heard round the world, Charlize Theron found herself in a position familiar to many women: She discovered that her male colleague made more than her. According to The New York Post, the leaked emails exposed that Charlize was...

A Step-by-Step Guide to Salary Negotiation

By now you know you need to make bolder asks for bigger opportunities and better compensation packages. You’re ready to work hard and negotiate for the resources, support, and money you need to achieve your ambitious dreams. Which is all well and...

7 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

My sister is job hunting, and recently had an interview that went really well. The company called her for a second round, which she also aced, so the hiring manager invited her back for one last meeting with the entire team. But then, a couple of...

Is It Ever Worth It to Take a Lower-Paying Job?

I used to be a librarian for seven years. I was laid off twice and am now working in marketing, which I hate but am doing well in. Many libraries are downsizing, and although I've been applying and interviewing, I'm stuck. And I’m not a librarian...

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

You’ve probably heard conventional advice about networking: Practice your elevator pitch, try approaching people standing alone (they’ll be happy someone is talking to them), memorize icebreaker questions (“How did you hear about this group?”...

5 Ways to Rebrand Yourself Like Taylor Swift

I’m an adult with a job and responsibilities, yet I’m a Taylor Swift super fan. While some can’t see past her youth or twee blond looks, I see a seriously powerful businesswoman — one we should learn from, not underestimate. Her latest release,...

Bored at Work? 3 Ways to Fix It in 2015!

Make 2015 the year you start loving your job. Discover ways to make your current job more enjoyable or build a business that better suits you

Three Skills You Need to Lead Yourself in an Overwhelming World

It’s a tough world out there when you’re craving success. You’ll need these three skills to succeed in this overwhelming world.

Work Moves That Get Noticed

Career paths are anything but linear these days. So the traditional model of putting your head down and simply doing your job won't be enough to help you stand out. After speaking with HR professionals, bosses, and career experts, we've gleaned...