Climbing the Ladder

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How to Handle a Bad Boss

A bad boss is more than a problem to gripe about to friends and a bartender. He or she can hurt your career, either by failing to provide feedback and direction or by giving you negative performance reviews. To be fair, most bad bosses aren’t...

3 Ways to Rock Your Reentry Into the Workplace

Dust off those power heels and head back to work with confidence.

How to Survive a Job You Hate

The movie Office Space is a classic for good reason: We've all had a job we hated so much we wanted to take the printer out to an open field and smash it with a baseball bat. Sometimes you’re stuck because you’re waiting for your end-of-year...

Everything To Ask Yourself BEFORE You Leave Your Job

Thinking about quitting your job? Before you do, ask yourself these three questions!

9 Things My Asian Parents Taught Me About Wealth

My parents taught me plenty of lessons about wealth — whether they meant to or not.

The (Not So) Secret Difference Between Success & Power

Find out why you need to know the difference between power and success to run a successful business.

A Guide to Office Email Etiquette: From Writing in Sick to Reply All

Many of us connect with our coworkers and higher-ups through email more than we actually speak to them face-to-face. In fact, for every job I’ve had as a writer and editor, I’ve communicated with my colleagues almost exclusively over chat and...

The Number of Female CEOs Replacing Men Surges 70 Percent

Male chief executives may want to watch their backs. Turnover among the nation’s CEOs reached a six-year high last year, and women replacing men as CEO soared by 70%. The number of women replacing men rose to 103 last year from 61 in 2013,...

Ditch the Uptalk — How to Make Your Voice Powerful

In an ideal world, career success would be based on meaningful factors like talent, original thinking, and performance. But in actuality, seemingly trivial influences exert a greater impact on how far ahead we get than we may think. Proof: Recent...

When Should Workers at Troubled Companies Jump Ship?

For embattled employees of RadioShack, Wet Seal and other companies facing possible bankruptcy, the time to find a new job is long before the company goes under. Shares of RadioShack Corp. plunged 36% over the last 24 hours after The Wall Street...