Climbing the Ladder

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Are You Being Underpaid?

How to suss out your true earning potential, so you can make the case for bigger bucks

How do I find a mentor?

Welcome to our new “Coach Me” series. Each week, our resident life and career coaches will answer questions from readers. To submit yours, send an email to I graduated from college more than five years ago and, so far, I...

Make Your Office Space Work For You

How to create a space that will boost your creativity and credibility.

6 Ways to Get What You Want at Work – Without Opening Your Mouth

You can’t get what you want in life without asking for it. Even then, it’s still no guarantee. But there are tricks to increase your chances of success—sometimes without ever opening your mouth.

6 Ways to Get the Raise You Deserve

Forget the reasons why you need a raise. We could all use more money. But do we deserve it? Being able to make that case to our employer is the single most effective way to guarantee we’ll get it. That can be a challenge—especially for women,...

How to Ace a Job Interview

A good resume and cover letter can get you in the door. But once you're there, you've got a half-hour or less to set yourself apart from all the other qualified candidates on the recruiter’s calendar. "The interview is everything," says HR...

5 Things Not to Say in a Job Interview

With unemployment hovering near 8 percent, even landing a job interview can be difficult these days. So once you do, you want to make the most of it. Being prepared helps, of course, but the words you choose during the interview can be equally...

6 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for a Better Job

In the last decade, LinkedIn has grown from a social networking site for Silicon Valley types to a must-join for professionals around the globe (hello, 200 million users). But what’s the best way to leverage the world’s largest professional...

A Challenge for Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl, It's clear you're committed to a world with more women in power. And I agree with your advice to women to "lean in" to our careers, our potential and our ambition. So, I was perplexed to read in the TIME magazine cover story that when it...

Why Is the Wage Gap Growing Wider?

It’s 2013—haven’t we closed the so-called wage gap between men and women yet? Apparently not, according to a new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). Worse, the gap seems to have widened. The ratio of women’s to men’s...