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My New Staff Resents Me — What Do I Do?

Businesspeople in a meeting focus on one woman web
I recently started a new job where I manage a department of five people. One person on my team applied for my role but didn’t get it —... Read Now

How Do I Fire a Popular Employee Without the Staff Hating Me?

Businessman and woman meeting in office web
I need to fire our office manager. It’s a mix of issues all related to attention to detail and organization. I’ve clearly warned her and... Read Now

Why Is It So Easy for Some to Succeed While Others Fail Miserably?

Side view of a female doctor web
It seems as if I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Each time I think I am on the right track to success I take... Read Now

I’m Ready to Start My Dream Career

Businesswomen pulling paperwork out of briefcases web
“I have been in my field for over two decades and I’m ready to start my dream career, but I’m not sure what that looks like exactly. I’m... Read Now