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4 Mistakes You Make While Marketing, Launching, and Selling Your New Product

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4 Reasons To Stop Freaking Out About Your Resume

Quit stressing about your resume! Use one career coach’s advice to build a resume you will be confident about.

8 Reasons to Be Early to Work

Arriving early to work might not always sound like the most appealing thing to do, mainly because it means getting up earlier. But there are some great reasons to get ahead of the game — especially if you practice some good morning habits. Check...

How to Quit a Job You Hate With Integrity

Is it time to escape your job? Learn this exit strategy to leave with dignity.

How to Job Search While Pregnant

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times in your life. But if you're on the job search while nurturing a tiny life inside you, you might be more than a little overwhelmed. And for good reason: According to Tallahassee-based attorney...

10 Fast Facts on Sarah Thomas, the First Female Referee in the NFL

Sarah Thomas is a big deal. As the first full-time female referee in NFL history, she just set a major precedent in professional sports. And while she's suddenly all over the headlines, according to her resume she's always been big news. Here are...

6 Signs It’s Time to Close Your Business

Starting a business is tough. But, as some owners have experienced, closing up shop can be even tougher. While you may hate to admit it — I know I did — it’s emotional. Cody McLain, the founder of SupportNinja and digital creative agency...

6 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

Staying focused at work can be a challenge. Between office chatting, personal email, texting, and every single site on the Internet, it’s a wonder anyone ever gets anything done. I struggled with focus for years, and I assumed I was simply doomed...

Should I Go Into Business With My Best Friend?

Three steps you must take when starting a business with a friend.

How Do I Switch Departments Within My Company?

I love the company I work for, but hate what I do here. I'm in marketing but want to move to sales. I think I'd be an asset there, but have no experience. How do I broach the topic of moving, and to whom? There's no HR and I don't want to damage...