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5 Steps to Breaking Into a New Industry

Making a career change can be scary — especially when you don’t have the experience. Use these five steps to help you successfully break into a new industry!

Be Mentored by a Female CEO

Learn from leading women in business and start thinking like a CEO.

When Working for Myself Lost Its Glamour

I always knew I’d become a writer. My eyes were somewhat starry. I thought I’d get a journalism degree, graduate, and immediately become Carrie Bradshaw. The reality was that right out of college, I landed a job copy editing at an educational...

6 Things Every Entrepreneur Struggles With, but No One Admits

Don’t be fooled. Nearly every woman entrepreneur battles these six struggles — even if their Facebook profile indicates otherwise.

10 Fast Facts on Jill Abramson, the First Female Executive Editor of the New York Times

Jill Abramson was the first female executive editor of The New York Times — and might just be getting started. Since leaving the Gray Lady, she’s been working on a new media company, specializing in long-form journalism (longer than a magazine...

Systematic Networking: How to Uncover Your Hidden Client Base

Networking can be a daunting task when you’re not experienced, so quit your random client search with these four tips.

From Constant Brainstorming to Open Offices — Why We’re Working All Wrong

The way we work is not one size fits all. The eight-hour workday, the 9-to-5 timeframe, the one-hour lunch, the 15-minute break — these are merely social constructs, not “natural” operational modes that work for every office, industry, and...

The One Thing Mark Zuckerberg Looks for in a Job Candidate

It pays to want the boss’s job. Or, at least, appear like you could do it. It worked for Sheryl Sandberg, 45, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Inc., who now has a net worth of over $1 billion. And it also didn’t spoil the chances of Dustin...

Are You Networking or Net-Winging It?

Make the most of professional events with these networking strategies.

3 Reasons You Need to Stop Multitasking

Real worth is measured in quality, not quantity. You know this instinctively. But if you really believed it, would you attempt to do as much per minute as you currently do? No, you would not. Multitasking — the compulsion to do it, the persistent...