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Where Do I Form My Business?

Find out what you should be considering before you choose a state

The Truth About ‘It’s Too Expensive’

Here’s how to tell when a splurge may actually be a wise investment

Indiegogo and Pandora Prove Gender Diversity is Possible in Tech

After tech giants like Google and Facebook released their entirely unsurprising (yet disappointing) employee gender statistics, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg weighed in on the problem of gender parity in the tech industry, claiming there are...

Does Your Resume Need an Update?

True or false? Companies instantly discard resumes for failing to include certain keywords. Most of us have heard this at least once. But is it true? In the age of increasingly sophisticated applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan resumes for...

Are You Sending the Right Signals at Work?

When it comes to how you’re perceived at work, it might be tempting to think that the quality of your work is all that matters. But the reality is that your colleagues’ perceptions of you depend on much more than just the work you produce....

Job Searching? Don't Do This

You've made it to the interview, and all that's standing between you and your dream job is the hiring manager — but winning her over may be easier said than done. So what will it take to make her like you? Well, one thing you can do is avoid...

3 Pricing Tricks That Will Help You Sell More

I like to think I make rational choices. When I need something, I buy it. I don’t spend too much and I never buy things I don’t need. Never. I also do not get suckered by silly ploys like: $99 (Hello! That’s $100), or “One-Day Only Sales....

What Should You Do When a Colleague Pulls the “Girl" Card?

"I called a senior-level manager to find out why one of my team members did not pass a board certification. When he provided the feedback, I pushed back with strong points. He immediately pulled the girl card. Instead of addressing my issues, he...

Are You Inadvertently Sabotaging Your Success?

An acquaintance of mine recently told me about a frustrating — though ultimately fruitful — job experience. When her boss went on maternity leave, she assumed the majority of her workload in the interim, and handled all the new tasks with skill...