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Are You Being Underpaid?

How to suss out your true earning potential, so you can make the case for bigger bucks

How do I find a mentor?

Welcome to our new “Coach Me” series. Each week, our resident life and career coaches will answer questions from readers. To submit yours, send an email to coachme@dailyworth.com. I graduated from college more than five years ago and, so far, I...

Make Your Office Space Work For You

How to create a space that will boost your creativity and credibility.

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business—at Least, When It Comes to Finances

In every session of the Money Clarity program, we hear the same responses from business owners and freelancer participants when we ask: Have you separated your business and personal bank accounts? "No," so many tell us. But should you? Yes, say...

6 Ways to Get What You Want at Work – Without Opening Your Mouth

You can’t get what you want in life without asking for it. Even then, it’s still no guarantee. But there are tricks to increase your chances of success—sometimes without ever opening your mouth.

6 Ways to Get the Raise You Deserve

Forget the reasons why you need a raise. We could all use more money. But do we deserve it? Being able to make that case to our employer is the single most effective way to guarantee we’ll get it. That can be a challenge—especially for women,...

Turning Your “Personal Brand” Into a Business

With the rise of entrepreneurial powerhouse Marie Forleo and her Digital B School, thousands of women are now building “personal brand” businesses. More than 8,800 entrepreneurs have enrolled in her online business program since she launched...

How to Ace a Job Interview

A good resume and cover letter can get you in the door. But once you're there, you've got a half-hour or less to set yourself apart from all the other qualified candidates on the recruiter’s calendar. "The interview is everything," says HR...

7 tips for a riveting business pitch

Every business woman needs to nail down her pitch, that 30-second spiel that lays out who you are and what you’re doing—before the listener’s eyes drift toward the window. The perfect pitch explains, tantalizes—and gets you what you want, whether...