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6 Things Every Entrepreneur Struggles With, but No One Admits

Don’t be fooled. Nearly every woman entrepreneur battles these six struggles — even if their Facebook profile indicates otherwise.

5 Ways to Generate Revenue Now Without Having a Sale

Planning on taking a trip or is a baby on the way? Find out how you can bring in some money—and soon!

The Downside of Working for Yourself

In 2008, I was laid off from my job as a paralegal. The economy was tanking and there were no future job prospects in sight. I moved back in with my parents and returned to my college gig: waiting tables. I worked at that restaurant for a year...

4 Ways You’re Killing Your Confidence

Women’s lack of confidence is a major hindrance to our ability to kick ass. A 2014 study that sprawled 48 countries and more than 14,000 participants found a pronounced gap between how men and women assess their abilities — which, of course,...

Your Social Media Strategy — From Facebook to LinkedIn

Many articles (and e-books, and e-courses) out there advocate “dominating” social media. But if you’re managing your personal brand or you’re a freelancer (or biz owner), do you really need to be on every social media platform? And do you need...

How I Balance Business Travel and Family

“Just wait until you become a mom.” Critics thought it premature for me to have and voice opinions about stay-at-home parenting before becoming a mother. Indeed, midway through my pregnancy I shared several reasons why, in our family, quitting...

Opting Out Is Not Always a Choice

“Mrs. Krug, as I’m sure you know, your son has had a traumatic injury to his brain. This can affect him in many ways…” The genetics fellow at this teaching hospital is speaking slowly, and when I can no longer listen to his patronizing tone I cut...

Time to Do the Startup Thing? 4 Signs That Helped Me Decide

Trying to decide if you should leave your job for a startup? One writer reviews the ways he knew it was right.

How I Made Money Off Pimp My Ride

The internet just exploded with scandalous news. From Huffington Post to Gawker comes the big reveal that the aught's favorite TV show, Pimp My Ride, was, in fact, a scam. As Twitter has blown up with the "news" so has my phone. Why? Because ten...