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4 Mistakes You Make While Marketing, Launching, and Selling Your New Product

Having trouble marketing your new product or idea? Be careful not to make one of these four mistakes!

6 Things Every Entrepreneur Struggles With, but No One Admits

Don’t be fooled. Nearly every woman entrepreneur battles these six struggles — even if their Facebook profile indicates otherwise.

5 Ways to Generate Revenue Now Without Having a Sale

Planning on taking a trip or is a baby on the way? Find out how you can bring in some money—and soon!

The Downside of Working for Yourself

In 2008, I was laid off from my job as a paralegal. The economy was tanking and there were no future job prospects in sight. I moved back in with my parents and returned to my college gig: waiting tables. I worked at that restaurant for a year...

4 Ways You’re Killing Your Confidence

Women’s lack of confidence is a major hindrance to our ability to kick ass. A 2014 study that sprawled 48 countries and more than 14,000 participants found a pronounced gap between how men and women assess their abilities — which, of course,...

Your Social Media Strategy — From Facebook to LinkedIn

Many articles (and e-books, and e-courses) out there advocate “dominating” social media. But if you’re managing your personal brand or you’re a freelancer (or biz owner), do you really need to be on every social media platform? And do you need...

How I Balance Business Travel and Family

“Just wait until you become a mom.” Critics thought it premature for me to have and voice opinions about stay-at-home parenting before becoming a mother. Indeed, midway through my pregnancy I shared several reasons why, in our family, quitting...

Opting Out Is Not Always a Choice

“Mrs. Krug, as I’m sure you know, your son has had a traumatic injury to his brain. This can affect him in many ways…” The genetics fellow at this teaching hospital is speaking slowly, and when I can no longer listen to his patronizing tone I cut...

Time to Do the Startup Thing? 4 Signs That Helped Me Decide

Trying to decide if you should leave your job for a startup? One writer reviews the ways he knew it was right.