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How Credit Card Debt Is Helping Grow My Business

I’m usually debt resistant for all the obvious reasons: Too much ill-managed debt kills your credit score, which costs you in high interest rates and is a sign of poor money management and living beyond one’s means. The perils of that last bit...

How to Price and Package Your Services

Learn how to price and package your services so you can confidently engage more clients and love your work

How to Stop Being a Slave to Time

Ditch busy-ness and make your schedule work smart, not hard.

How Courageous Are You Willing to Be in 2015?

True courage means honoring your values in your business decisions

How to Brag About Yourself—Shamelessly

Everyone is becoming their own brand these days. Whether you’re a business owner or managing your professional persona — online or otherwise — there will be times when you need to do some self-promotion. It’s natural if the thought of selling...

Why I'm Starting a Second Business — When My First One Is Still a Toddler

“Focus.” “Get one thing right.” “You can be a serial entrepreneur — after you sell your first company.” All good advice, and mantras of many a startup scene. The fast-paced worlds of tech and consumer startups are all about laser focus and fast...

Career Advice From Startup Founders

Running a startup is not for the faint of heart. Last-minute changes, goal setbacks, funding issues, and all the drama in between can put you in the fetal position — or the red. But despite the hard moments, most entrepreneurs say they wouldn't...

The Type of Income That Unlocks Your Freedom

Learn how to make more money, without having to find more hours in the day

Why Entrepreneurs Need Split Personalities

Are you a creative person with bold vision? Or an analytic type, happy to pour over numbers in search of ways to generate greater profits?   If you own a business, you likely lean towards one end of the spectrum or the other. Rare is the...

Become a More Powerful Negotiator

Running your own business involves endless negotiations, from investor pitches to employee salaries. While research shows that women in the workplace tend to negotiate far less often than their male counterparts, a new study found that women face...