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Lower Utility Bills Now

Have you ever tried to reduce your utility bills (electricity, cable, wireless, etc.)? Probably not, says a 2010 survey by WhiteFence. Only 50% of Americans have shopped around—or haggled with their current providers. In fact, 39% don’t even...

Ambition Contradiction

In her speech last month at TED, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg made the usual observation about the lack of women in high places. But rather than patter about the need for flex-time or mentoring, Sandberg—a mother of two, and one of the few in the...

A Money Book with Fresh Advice. No Really.

I loathe most personal finance books. Typically they're dull and preachy, and they all seem to cover the same ground. So you can imagine my relief—and delight—to read "The Real Cost of Living", by our own Money Fix expert, Carmen Wong Ulrich....

Girl Powered Giving

When I was at the Pennsylvania Governor's Conference for Women in October (speaking about women and retirement), I was among the many who were surprised by a last-minute appearance by New York Times journalist Sheryl WuDunn. She was there to talk...